A Night on the Terrace, Burnie, Tasmania

A Night on the Terrace, Burnie, Tasmania

The Burnie City Council announced today that they have again awarded the contract for the Burnie New Years Eve event, A Night on the Terrace 2011 – 2012, to Eagle Security Services (Tas) Pty. Ltd..

After putting the contract out to tender, the council was happy to award the contract to Eagle Security Services (Tas) Pty. Ltd. as they came in with a budget and services that offered the best value and service range.

Event Coordinator, Mr. Mark Fishwick, was full of praise for Eagle Security Services, and commented, “A sound relationship has developed between the Council Events Team and Eagle Security (Tas) Pty Ltd over the past few years, based on their demonstrated capacity to deliver services required to manage security and Crowd Control at a significant event like ‘A Night on the Terrace.’

“The Burnie City Council conducts the community event ‘A Night on the Terrace’, on New Year’s Eve of each year. The event attracts in excess of 12,000 people and utilises the West Beach foreshore precinct and North Terrace in the Burnie CBD. There are licensed and unlicensed areas within the event space, and activities are provided for people of all ages.

“The event requires a significant Security Guard and Crowd Controller presence to maintain order and safety for all patrons. Access control is a key task allocated to the security team, as the event is a ‘no glass event’ to assist with public safety, and the Council is acutely aware of the need to monitor and prevent underage drinking at the event.

“Eagle Security Services (Tas) Pty Ltd have managed the security and crowd control roles for the event since 2009. They have provided around 15 licensed Security Guards and Crowd Controllers at each event and have performed duties including:

    Access control at the 5 entry and egress points

  • Roving Crowd Controllers
  • Escort for cash being carried through the event space
  • Management of emergency vehicle access to the site
  • Patrols and maintenance of exclusion zones around the fireworks firing site
  • Support in containing incidents until Tasmania Police arrive (only relatively minor incidents have been experienced to date, but the response has been well managed)
  • Removing unruly patrons from the site when requested by the licensee

“Eagle Security (Tas) Pty Ltd has made its senior staff available for briefings prior to the event, to ensure that Communication and Command Protocols and Risk Management and Evacuation Plans have been understood by staff and implemented at the event. ”


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